Covid 19, Cancelled Flights & Lockdown Chaos..

Covid 19 is causing chaos across the globe right now so I thought I would do a little life update. It’s certainly been a while since I last wrote on here and the last time I wrote a blog post the world was not in the chaos it is now. Things are certainly a little different now and the last two weeks especially have been a little crazy to say the least.

Cancelled Flights..

Some may know that two weeks ago I was travelling home from Tenerife. We had spent a week in paradise. At first, we thought we wouldn’t make it out there but I’m thankful we did.

We’d been joking the whole week how great it would be if we got to stay longer. With so many flights getting cancelled worldwide it was a running joke. However, when actually finding out we would be staying longer, my heart sank a little bit. A cancelled flight wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be.

So many thoughts were running through my mind. Where would we stay? When would we be going home? Will our dog minder keep looking after the dog? How much will that cost, how much will it all cost? Does my dad have enough insulin with him, do my grandparents have enough of their medication with them? So many questions.

The questions were spinning round in my head when I got a text to say our flight had been rescheduled. A huge sigh of relief flew over me. One problem down, another to go. Next to sort was where we would stay that evening. Travelling with my grandparents meant we needed wheelchair friendly hotels. Rooms with accessible bathrooms. There was so much to think about. More questions flooded my mind, did we have to go to the airport and stay there? Would we have to pay for the extra night ourselves? How much would everything cost? Luckily before panic took over, I got a text which told us to re-book a hotel room. We didn’t need to go to the airport and our airline would cover the costs. A sigh of relief flooded over me again, finally everything was sorted and we could stop panicking.

Time to Relax & Try Again..

The extra day and night spent in my favourite place on the planet wasn’t as enjoyable as you may think. I was still full of nerves about what would happen the next day trying to get home. Would we make it home or would our flight be cancelled again?

Waking up the following morning, it was all systems go. Packing up, checking out and getting ourselves to the airport. Entering the airport terminal it was absolute chaos. It was asif all hell had broke loose. However, the bonus of travelling with my Grandparents is that you get to skip the queues. Luckily we managed to make our way through the airport, onto our flight and we got home safe and sound.

Covid 19..

I got home Sunday evening and it felt like christmas. It was a huge relief and jumping into my own bed was the best feeling. I checked my work emails and the relief came crashing down. It turned out that I wasn’t allowed to go back to work, not into the office at least. I had travelled to an area affected by Covid 19, therefore I had to stay away from the office. Only for a week.. Just a week though, I could manage a week, it would be fine..

Lockdown Chaos..

After a few days of working from home I was feeling tired, groggy and unproductive. I couldn’t get used to the changes and I felt lonely, really lonely. After multiple government announcements, it turned out that I am high risk for catching Covid 19 due to my asthma. Three days into working from home I found out I wasn’t allowed in the office for 12 more weeks! I cried, a lot. My tears just flowed, I don’t know why. I wasn’t losing my job, I was just doing it from home for the time being, but I still cried. My tears came from somewhere, I don’t know where though. It could have been the realisation that the overwhelming feeling I’d felt so far perhaps wouldn’t go away. All of a sudden I felt confined and trapped, it made me feel uneasy and not in control.

I’ve now done two weeks working from home and I’m heading into my third week. This is also my third week of isolating and quarantining. I’m still adjusting. It still feels weird and I don’t know when it will begin to feel normal but I’m working on it. I’m finding it hard to stay productive and get my work done, but I’m managing to push through.. for now.

If you have any tips on how to keep up with being productive, please send them my way! Please stay home and stay safe. Sending love to you & yours,

Han x

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