Corporate Life as a Millennial: Starting my Career

Last Monday I started a whole new chapter in my life. I started my job as a Business Operations Analyst and It has been such a change! Starting in a new career and actually using the degree I studied so hard for has been scary. I just didn’t want to feel like I didn’t know anything and that University had been a waste of time. Therefore, I thought it would be good to write about my first week and how things went as I transitioned into corporate life as a millennial.

Day 1

Monday morning as I was driving to my new place of work I felt like a nervous wreck. I was full of anxiety with endless questions and scenarios running through my mind.

“What if I’m rubbish at the job? I wonder if everyone will like me? Will everyone think I’m some young, dumb millennial who has no clue what she’s doing?!”

It seems silly that all of this was running through my head before I had even got chance to step foot in the building.

Stepping foot into the building felt like I was walking into Narnia! The atrium of the building and just the elegance of it made my jaw fall to the floor. It was stunning. My first day was long but It was still a good day. Monday was spent doing health and safety training all day as well as compliance training which was boring, but the norm when you start any new job.

Day 2

My second day I was definitely thrown in at the deep end! Although I do think that’s the best way to learn. I met corporate clients, sat in on meetings, held my own meetings and began learning systems. The day was a whirlwind but it was the good kind of whirlwind!

Day 3 – 5

The rest of the week from Wednesday onward honestly feels like such a blur. Every time I got home of an evening my Mum wanted to know straight away how my day had been and what I had done. I remember thinking to myself “I don’t even know, just work”.

Days were flying by and with so much to take in, it really did become a bit of a blur! However, once Friday came around and I had successfully survived my first week I realised just how much I had learnt. Surprisingly, I had understood everything and had somewhat of an idea as to what I would be doing in my new role.

Leaving Freedom Behind

Since graduating and then having my own travel business and my part time job I’ve had a lot of freedom. I was worried I would come to loathe sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day but I haven’t! Truthfully, I thought going from one job with all my friends, to a new job would be hard to adjust too. Honestly, I don’t know why, I just thought it would. Now when I see my friends we have things to catch up on rather than just always seeing one another in work! I do miss late night finishes just chilling together after a shift, I really miss that If I’m honest. But, I know now I’m on a whole new path and It will be worth it.

Best Thing about Corporate Life

There are a few good things that come with corporate life.

  1. Your own desk – I am loving having my own desk and decorating it so that is really is my desk!! Geeky but cute!
  2. I actually have a routine and can eat meals at meal times!
  3. Weekends off is something I now get to enjoy which is amazing
  4. I’m home every evening and I won’t miss Love Island – BIG BONUS!!

My Perceptions and Thoughts on an Office Job

Before I started my new job, I was so worried about working in an office. I personally wasn’t worried but due to some things I had heard i had reservations. I had read that sometimes offices can be bitchy! However, everyone on my team is so incredibly lovely and has been so kind! I’ve had one bitchy remark from one woman. I opened a door for her and she didn’t need help apparently… Luckily, she works in a different department so I won’t see her again, *fingers crossed* !!

I thought sitting at a desk all day working on data would be painfully boring but it Isn’t. My team are all sat in the same area so we talk to one another, we have a laugh and It feels like I’ve been here longer than I already have.

I don’t really know why I was so worried about starting corporate life as a Millennial. I think possibly what you see on TV shows or hear from others plays a part in how you perceive things, but I can honestly say starting corporate life as a millennial has been smooth and welcoming so far. It’s been a welcome change and a good change. 

My Top Tip for Starting a Corporate Job

Handle yourself maturely and with confidence. Be kind and respectful and in turn this is how those in your team and around you will treat you in return. 

I hope you enjoyed my little life/career update! I’ll be back soon with my top 10 travel tips for when booking travel! In the mean time, if you want to catch up with how 2019 went you can read my yearly run down here!

Han x

6 thoughts on “Corporate Life as a Millennial: Starting my Career

  1. Congratulations on your new journey and your new career! What a great idea to share your experiences like this to help others – great post! xxx

  2. Love this! Reminded me of my first steps in the corporate world. It felt so cool to enter an enormous, global IT company that everybody knew. I was also obsessed with ‘Suits’ the TV series and had waited for my chance to dress like Jessica and Rachel in it ;D And totally agree with having weekend free being a big deal! The older you get, the more you appreciate it (god, that sounded old xD)

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