2nd February 2019

Dear Annie,

Todays the day when I finally took the plunge and decided to write a diary as part of my blog! It’s so scary but exciting! I’m glad to have my diary on here now where theres no chance of mum snooping through my room and finding my actual journal and reading the ins and outs of my life that I choose not to tell her about! Seems much safer lol!

Todays been a funny old day, I started work at 6am this morning feeling so awful i just wanted the world to swallow me whole, but then the day didn’t turn out too bad! I got home and collapsed into bed but surprisingly didn’t nap like I normally do after an early shift, so I decided to start watching the new Netflix original YOU! My friends have been telling me to watch it since it came out so I thought I best give it a go before they spill what happens and it’s ruined for me! Turns out, as always, my friends were right! It was so so good and I was hooked instantly!


It was so weird in a way that YOU is separate to Gossip Girl but yet I could imagine Joe as Dan Humphrey after finding out he’s gossip girl! It just fits, its so weird! I still haven’t finished the whole series but I’m near the end! That’s all I’ve done all day. I’ve sat in bed and watched Netflix and honestly it was fab! I feel like sometimes you just need a day in bed, with a brew and some chocolate and just doing that can make you feel so much better! I attempted some uni work but I soon hit pause on that because I just wanted a day free of doing work that makes my head spin!

Anyway, I felt like I had been in my room for so long I had cabin fever so this evening I came to where I work (a 24 hour cafe) and here I am rambling on. Ive done some uni work, I’ve socialised on twitter, updated my ‘About’ page for my blog and I’ve created this space on my blog for even more ramblings! Such a productive hour! I’m also drinking the nicest caramel latte which now i come to think about it, may have not been the best choice of drink for this time of night.. Oh well! A girl needs her coffee!

Heres to being more productive, so i’ll see you soon!

Han x