Life Update, Second Chances and New York, New York!

Life Update, Second Chances and New York, New York!


This past two weeks have been such crazy weeks, I’ve honestly had no time to myself . I feel like the days and weeks are just flying by and I honestly cannot believe that February is almost over! I thought I would just do a little chatty blog post today with an update about everything going on! I often love these posts that are a little more calm and where my mind can just blurt everything out. It shows my crazy but were all a little crazy aren’t we?!

The weather the past few weeks seems to be on a bit of a rollercoaster. We went from having quite mild weather, to freezing cold weather and now the past few days its been warm with some glorious sun shine, its crazy! I’m just trying to soak it all up whilst I can.

With the passing weeks theres been a few challenges. I’ve submitted my mid term essay which was a killer but I’m so glad thats done! I only have one more essay to submit next month then thats all my assignments done for university.. FOREVER!

I still have my dissertation to hand in and then one final exam but it’ll be my last assignment and that too me is terrifying! It seems to strange that by the end of April all I will have left is one exam and that will be it.

I really cannot believe my time at university has nearly come to an end. Three years ago when I started my degree, it seemed like I had such a long road ahead of me and it has flew by so quickly. It has been the best time of my life but also the hardest time but I will always be thankful for the lessons university has taught me.

With finishing university, means that by April/May I’m going to have a lot more time on my hands! Therefore, I’ve decided to give Instagram a second chance..

Now I know I said I was done with Instagram but I’ve decided to give it another chance because I’m going to do instagram my way and no other way. I’m not going to worry about algorithms, when to post, what to post and all that. I’m simply going to post whatever I want, whenever I want and i’m going to use instagram as a online diary where I’ll write my feelings and rants, but also use it as a positive and happy space full of motivational and positive quotes and photos that make me smile! I’m not going to bother about themes or sticking to one area to post photos about because that isn’t me. I want my instagram to be a corner of the internet thats full of all the photos that make me happy and that make me smile!

If you would like to come and join me in my little happy and positive space of Instagram, then you can find me over at honestlyhannn – If I take a little while to follow back, just give me a little nudge!! (When I’m not on socials or on my blog, I tend to have my head stuck into my dissertation so please bare with me!)

Continuing with positivity theres one little update that I am SO excited about.. IM GOING TO NEW YORK!!

Now for anyone who knows me or who has watched my twitter ramblings, you’ll know that for so long now me and my family have wanted to go to New York. It’s been a bucket list trip for me and my parents for SO long and this October we are finally going! You have no idea how excited I am! I nearly cried with happiness when my mum and dad told me were going to go!

Whilst going away with your parents at 21 may not be fun to some, I am beyond lucky to have the best relationship with my parents and they are more like my best friends and considering this is a trip both of them have been dreaming about since they were younger and now there getting to go but also take their daughter, I just know that its going to be such a special trip and its going to be so much fun!

So if you know of any good bloggers and blog posts about New York and all the tips and tricks of having the best time and getting to see everything then please send them my way! I want to see EVERYTHING!

Now I think thats everything I wanted to update you on..possibly. My brain seems to have turned to mush since getting stuck in with the data analysis part of my dissertation so if I missed anything, no doubt i’ll let you know on twitter!

See you soon!

Han x


Why ‘Galentines’ Is the New Valentines..

Why ‘Galentines’ Is the New Valentines..

Once again on Valentines day I am a single pringle. Honestly thats an understatement! I’m way past single, if theres even a term for that? God knows!

Each year when Valentines day rolls around it always seems to bring this sense of regret in some ways, or a feeling of “what if”. I’ve never had much luck with love and I hope some day I am lucky in love but until then I will be celebrating Galentines and not Valentines!

If you don’t know, Galentines is just a word used for us girls who are single or not able to celebrate with a loved one on Valentines day! Its an excuse to have a girls night and get together rather than sitting in at home feeling sorry for ourselves.

Last year me and the girls went to watch the new Fifty Shades of Grey film and went for a really nice meal before hand and it was the best Valentines day I’ve ever had! Honestly whats better than getting together with your gal pals, eating food and watching Jamie Dornan strip off? It was fab and we weren’t the only group of girls there loving life!

I feel like as a society us girls can always become one and unite and to me, Valentines is another perfect day to do this and build one another up when the day could make us feel a bit shit! This year I’ve seen so much more on social media about Galentines rather than Valentines so I do think in this Feminist and #MeToo society, the girls are taking over one day at a time and why I truly believe Galentines will become the new Valentines!

It always seems that its us women who care more about Valentines and doing all the romantic things anyway, so why not give the men a night off and just spend the day with your best girlfriends showering one another with love! Then the single ones aren’t left crying into a tub of Ben and Jerrys at home!

Therefore, in honour of my love for Galentines over Valentines, I’ve come up with a short list of ideas of ways to celebrate being single with your besties!

  1. Have a pyjama party at home, with take out and a rom-com.
  2. Go out for a fancy meal somewhere you’ve always wanted to go and try a speciality cocktail!
  3. Go to the cinema and watch the latest rom-com or comedy – or whatever genre you and your girls are into!
  4. If you’re looking for something fun, go to crazy golf or a bowling alley!
  5. Go on your ‘dream’ date but with your bestie and make it a ‘bestie date’.
  6. Have an at-home Spa night!
  7. Go on a Road-trip
  8. Go to a theme park
  9. Go on a shopping-spree!
  10. Have a games night

My personal favourite is combining a few of these and maybe going to a nice restaurant, having a bite to eat and a few cocktails and then heading over to the cinema to watch a feel good film! It’s always a fun night and who wouldn’t love that?!

No matter what you do this Galentines day, I hope you feel special whether it’s your loved one or gal pals making you spend it with!

Heres to all us single girls!

Han xo

My ‘To Be Read List’ for 2019!

My ‘To Be Read List’ for 2019!


Over the past few months I’ve somehow bought an awful lot of books but somehow I’ve read none of them.. I know. I don’t know how anyone can buy a ton of books and not even pick up one of them but somehow I have!

Therefore I decided to compile a list of all the books i want to read this year! Once university is out of the way I know I’m going to have so much free time to read, so I think having a list will remind me and allow me to make sure I tick them off my list!

The List

  1. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman
  2. The Break – Marian Keyes
  3. Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy – Kevin Kwan
  4. Revenge Wears Prada – Lauren Weisburger
  5. All That She Can See – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  6. Shopaholic Series – Sophie Kinsella

This is my complete list for 2019. I’ve no idea what order I’ll read them in but i’m hoping I’ll get through them! The list may seem small but with two book series in the list, the first having three and the second having eight books within the series I definitely think the list will keep me going!

If you have any book recommendations then please send them my way as I really want to get back into being a book worm this year! I’m not allowing any excuses!!

Have a lovely week!

Han x

Am I Still Grieving?

Am I Still Grieving?

Losing a loved one is something that I know all too well. It’s something we all know too well. The world is this strange place that grants you this life but also has the power to rip it away.

When I was 11 my best-friend passed away after a 2 year battle with a brain tumour. It happened the week after I started my second year of high school and if I’m honest, I still don’t think i’ve properly grieved the loss of my best friend.

Grief is a funny thing and I still don’t know if I even know what grief is. Sometimes I find myself going about my day when something will trigger my emotions and my grief and I can be in the middle of a lecture and tears will flood my eyes and my vision becomes this blurriness of wet. It’s weird.

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New year, New Goals, Same Old Me!

New year, New Goals, Same Old Me!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I cannot believe we are into yet another year! It doesn’t feel like two minutes since i was complaining how slow last January was going! Its crazy but I’m very fortunate to have had an amazing 2018!

I travelled! Nowhere far but I visited a new country and i got to do it with my closest friends. I went back to my favourite city twice and celebrated my 21st whilst there! 2018 was full of fun and spontaneity! There was some huge highs and some really low, lows in the past year and whilst i know very well that no year goes by without ups and downs I’m hoping 2019 will continue to be the same with a little more positivity, and few more milestones in there.

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Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

I cannot believe how quick this year has gone and how amazing it has been! There have been so many ups and downs, high and low points but I wouldn’t change it at all as it’s made me such a stronger person!

With Christmas looming ever so close now I thought I’d switch it up a little. This morning I was flicking through Pinterest and found LOADS of Christmas themed wallpapers for your phone! They are all so so cute so I thought why not share them to give your phone a little Christmas spirit to help you get in the festive mood even more!!


The London Diaries

The London Diaries

Hey everyone! 

SO, I’ve been trying to write this blog post for a while since i came back from London just over a week ago actually and i haven’t been able to decipher my favourite moments from my weekend away. For those who read my last blog post, i went down to London with my closest friends for my 21st birthday and it was honestly the most amazing and fun weekend. 

We travelled down to London on the train in the early evening and my friends surprised me and brought two bottles of wine and a bottle of Prosecco!! Its safe to say that all three bottles went down far too nicely and it started the weekend wonderfully! 

When we got to London we headed straight for our hotel to get checked in and we stayed at the beautiful and amazing, Hilton London Metropole! Its right near Hyde Park and it was located just opposite a tube station which made travelling round London so much easier! The hotel was  gorgeous and huge! There was 3 different wings to the hotel! We stayed in the West Wing because we stayed in a bigger room, which was one of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in. 

The hotel really was gorgeous and our room was so spacious! We decided to stay in on Friday night as we didn’t get to our hotel till around 8.30pm so we put our pyjamas on and got Dominos delivered to our hotel room which was just so weird but so good! Never before have i had dominos ordered to a hotel room so it definitely was an experience! 

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