About Han

Hello, I’m Han!

Im a 21 year old millennial just navigating my way through life.

I started Honestly Han as a way to write about all the ups and downs millenial life throws at me. I’m a Criminology and Quantitative Data graduate and I also own my own travel business.

Here on Honestly Han you will read all about anything and everything as I want to be able to write about absolutely anything in an honest yet relatable kind of way. Nothing too fancy, just a moan or rant every now and again whilst hopefully documenting all the fun and exciting things I hope to do!

As this blog starts its adventure this December (2019), I can’t wait to see what is to happen in the coming months! With a new Job on the horizon I cant wait to take you with me whilst I navigate through it all!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet, I hope you enjoy the read!

Han x