Welcome to Honestly Hannah!

Honestly Hannah is my own personal little space on the internet where i will be brutally honest about anything and everything. I always pride myself on my honesty and thats what i plan to do here. 

This blog will feature absolutely anything and everything that comes to mind, i want this space to be my space where i can talk, openly, freely and honestly even if that means there is no definitive theme to my blog. 

My topics will mainly be lifestyle with a little bit of everything added in to the mix. I’m also a student, currently in my third and final year at University so there won’t be a regular schedule to blog posts going live. This blog is my outlet, where i will share my stories with you all in the hopes that someone out there feels the same way i do. Therefore this isn’t a business for me and when i feel like sharing i will, but if a week goes by and there is no new post then I’m okay with that. Right now this is my outlet and my hobby and I’m simply doing what makes my soul happy. I want to enjoy this blog and i really hope that you enjoy it with me. 

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Hannah xo