What I Do as An Independent Travel Agent

Becoming an Independent Travel Agent has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I absolutely love the job, the people I’ve met along the way and the perks it brings, so I thought I’d share all about what I do! Now, there are two different parts to the job, as well as some amazing perks!

Part One – Booking Travel

As you will know just from my blog is that I am an Independent Travel Agent. This means that I work independently on my own, from the comfort of my own home or simply wherever I can take my laptop and connect to WiFi. Whilst I work on my own from anywhere, I am part of a wider team and there is over 200 of us! Just like our jobs, we are all connected and working TOGETHER through the power of WiFi!

My job is too work with clients to find and create the perfect holiday and itinerary for clients. I work directly with suppliers and hotels as well as airlines to perfectly package the best holiday and rates I can find. As a travel agent and with the direct contact I have with hotels, airlines and suppliers I am also able to accomodate special requests to add more attention to detail to the more important aspects of a trip. As an Independent Travel Agent there are many small touches that I can organise on behalf of clients that can make a trip that little bit more special.

When it comes to bookings, what I can book for clients is; flights, hotels, tours, activities, attraction and theatre tickets, as well as care hire, transfers and package deals. However if you fancy taking on the world’s oceans, I can offer a range of different cruises also.

So whether it’s a night in London, a south east Asian adventure, a spa day in the countryside, or a show on the famous broadway or west end, I can offer all of this and more!

Part Two – Coaching and Mentoring

As well as booking travel for clients, I also coach and mentor others to become Independent Travel Agents just like me and to start their own businesses! The freedom to own your own business and work your own hours around your family, friends and other commitments people may have is what I love about this business and I adore bringing others into this opportunity so that they too can earn a residual income whilst having the freedom to live their life.

I coach and mentor others on how to travel smart whilst travelling for less, earning commission back on all their bookings! Did you know that when you book your own holidays online through different sites such as Booking.com that whilst you do all the hard work and research it is actually that site that receives the commission?! My job and what I coach to others means that you can earn that commission rather than those websites, meaning you are rewarded for booking travel!

There is so much I can organise and offer to both clients and potential new business partners and it is a dream come true that I can help people go on their dream trips or start their own businesses!

Perks of The Job

Now, working in the travel industry brings some lovely perks! As a travel agent, I get the lovely perk of receiving anywhere between 30 – 75% off my own personal travel which makes travelling that little more easier and more affordable which was one of the main reasons why I became a travel agent! However, if sometimes these amazing discounts are available, I can book travel as normal but earn the commission back meaning I still save money on A L L my travel! It’s truly the best thing I have ever done and I love my job!

I hope this sheds some light on what it is that I actually do. I absolutely adore my job and I cannot wait to see where it takes me.

If you would like a quote for anything that I am able to book or if you think becoming a Independent Travel Agent and travelling smarter and for less whilst building your own business is something you would love to do too, then please get in contact with me here.

See you next time!

Han x

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