#Staycation – Lake District

Hello lovelies, I hope you’ve been enjoying the warm weather that the UK has surprisingly been giving us this past week. I certainly have! Earlier last week, me and my best friend decided to go away for the night to the Lake District! It was extremely last minute but we absolutely loved it and I’m going to tell you all about it!

This past week I haven’t been too well and my best friend has had a lot going on at home and in her personal life so I suggested on Tuesday, that on Wednesday we should take a road trip to Lake Windermere! We both got very excited and started planning. I don’t know why, but I decided to look at B&B’s and hotels online and I managed to find our hotel, which had the most amazing spa and it was incredibly cheap! I rang my friend, told her what a bargain it was and we both just said “BOOK IT!”. We were so excited and wanted to make the most of it as it was already about 2pm at this point so we packed within 15 minutes, I hopped in the car, picked my bestie up and off we went for our mid week getaway!

Our Hotel

When we arrived at our hotel, the grounds were absolutely stunning and we were welcomed by the concierge as soon as we walked in and directed as to where we should check in. Our check in was easy and simple and we were even given warm cookies as a welcome gift which went down a treat!

We checked into our room and it was S T U N N I N G! We had a kingsize bed, overlooking lake windermere. Our room had the biggest bathroom I have ever laid eyes on, with a huge jacuzzi bath which was lush! We unpacked, took in the views from our room and then headed down to the spa!

The spa was honestly to die for and consisted of a large pool, 2 jacuzzi hot tubs and a plunge pool! The spa also had a bar area where you could purchase drinks which you can take into the spa with you! It’s safe to say a glass of wine in the jacuzzi was extremely relaxing!

Everything about the spa and the ambience and vibe within it, just made the experience so much more relaxing! It really was beautiful.

After our trip to the spa we headed back to our room to get ready and headed out for dinner. We walked down to Bowness and went to a local pizzeria. The food was gorgeous and pretty cheap too which is always a bonus!

The staff in the restaurant were so lovely and friendly and we got chatting to one of the waiters who was kind enough to suggest some ideas for us to do the following day to see the best of Lake Windermere!

After our meal and our whirlwind of a day we were pretty tired so we strolled through Bowness and back to our hotel. We managed to catch the sunsetting over the lake and it was just beautiful!

Sunset over Lake Windermere

The following morning after a lovely buffet breakfast we headed down to Bowness to go on a boat trip along Lake Windermere! The weather was absolutely perfect and an extremely warm 28 degrees.

We chose to take a boat trip to Ambleside which was just so lovely! As the boat was sailing into the harbour, we noticed a little secluded beach on the shoreline. Once we were off the boat we made it our mission to find this little piece of heaven we’d seen. It took a short while but we found it!

After sitting on the shore line in the sun and taking in the views, we walked back to the town centre of Ambleside and treated ourselves to fish and chips overlooking the lake. There wasn’t much at all in Ambleside so after a spot of lunch we got back on the boat and headed for Bowness. Whilst sailing back towards bowness we were lucky enough to witness the RAF doing their training as a number of very loud planes flew above us!

Surprisingly, it had gotten quite late on in the afternoon once we got back on the boat and headed home to Bowness, so we had a bimble round the shops and I managed to treat myself to a new charm for my bracelet from Pandora. As well as a fridge magnet to commemorate the trip (I know, I know, roll your eyes but my fridge is full of magnets from all my different trips near and far)!!

We actually ended up going shopping round Bowness for a lot longer than we thought and I honestly think we may have gone in every single shop having a nosey but it was lovely! The amount of shops selling sweet treats, fudge and chocolate was crazy and a little hard to resist!! I settled for some vanilla fudge and a flump!

We most definitely shopped till we dropped and considering the main street of windermere is on an extremely steep hill, we most definitely flopped into the car afterwards! This was the end of our Staycation but it definitely wasn’t the end to them! This little break only made me excited for even more trips and there so easy to do and afford last minute!

I’m going to write another post in a few days about how to book last minute trips that are budget friendly and the best ways that you can do this!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my mini staycation and I hope you find yourselves on one soon too!

Han xo


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Honestly Han is my own private little corner of the internet where you’ll find me writing about things that I love and that I am passionate about, but also where I will rant, moan and complain about whatever is going on with my life at the time, in the hopes that someone can relate to the crazy thinkings of my brain!

One thought on “#Staycation – Lake District

  1. Oh my gosh I love the Lake District! Especially Wndermere, we camped at Keswick and explored from there. That pizza looks life changing btw 😍 great post! X


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