My ‘To Be Read List’ for 2019!


Over the past few months I’ve somehow bought an awful lot of books but somehow I’ve read none of them.. I know. I don’t know how anyone can buy a ton of books and not even pick up one of them but somehow I have!

Therefore I decided to compile a list of all the books i want to read this year! Once university is out of the way I know I’m going to have so much free time to read, so I think having a list will remind me and allow me to make sure I tick them off my list!

The List

  1. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine – Gail Honeyman
  2. The Break – Marian Keyes
  3. Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy – Kevin Kwan
  4. Revenge Wears Prada – Lauren Weisburger
  5. All That She Can See – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  6. Shopaholic Series – Sophie Kinsella

This is my complete list for 2019. I’ve no idea what order I’ll read them in but i’m hoping I’ll get through them! The list may seem small but with two book series in the list, the first having three and the second having eight books within the series I definitely think the list will keep me going!

If you have any book recommendations then please send them my way as I really want to get back into being a book worm this year! I’m not allowing any excuses!!

Have a lovely week!

Han x


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Honestly Han is my own private little corner of the internet where you’ll find me writing about things that I love and that I am passionate about, but also where I will rant, moan and complain about whatever is going on with my life at the time, in the hopes that someone can relate to the crazy thinkings of my brain!

7 thoughts on “My ‘To Be Read List’ for 2019!

  1. That’s a nice list 🙂
    My own book list is always ever growing and I never seem to get through it no matter how much I read. That’s the down-side of being an author and knowing so many cool authors. There’s always new books you want to read.
    Good luck with your list.


  2. The Shopaholic series is by far one of my favourite series to read. It’s so easy going and feel good but has enough going on to keep you interested. I also read revenge wears Prada the week it came out and that’s a bloody good read too. I do that sometimes. Buy books and then loose my flare too read. So excited for you to get through your list this year. Sometimes I wish I could reread a story for the first time.

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  3. I started the shopaholic series and liked the first three but never went back to finish it. You’ve got some great books on here. If you haven’t read the Bridget Jones series I definitely recommend it at some point.


  4. I have soo many books that I’ve never read or only read part of 🙈 And I always want to read my favourite books over and over! I haven’t read any of those but they sound great! If you enjoy historical fiction I definitely recommend All The Light We Cannot See, it’s such a brilliant book. Or the Night Circus if you enjoy fantasy. Happy reading x


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