New year, New Goals, Same Old Me!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I cannot believe we are into yet another year! It doesn’t feel like two minutes since i was complaining how slow last January was going! Its crazy but I’m very fortunate to have had an amazing 2018!

I travelled! Nowhere far but I visited a new country and i got to do it with my closest friends. I went back to my favourite city twice and celebrated my 21st whilst there! 2018 was full of fun and spontaneity! There was some huge highs and some really low, lows in the past year and whilst i know very well that no year goes by without ups and downs I’m hoping 2019 will continue to be the same with a little more positivity, and few more milestones in there.

My Hopes for 2019

2019 is the year i graduate which has just been a phrase said to me for the last 3 years and I’ve never took much notice but that year is finally here which is terrifying but exciting at the same time! I’m really looking forward to these final few months at university but I’m also dreading it. I know its going to be the most stressful few months and that part i am not looking forward too, but I’m excited to get through it and finally be done with my degree. As much as i have loved uni and the experiences it has given me, i cant wait to be done with education and take some time for myself to possibly travel and do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Asides from university i hope that 2019 is going to be a year of new beginnings and new adventures. I’m wanting to join the gym at some point when i get round to it just to get a little bit fitter and because my local gym has a swimming pool and i love to swim, so i think combining working out with something i love will make the whole process that little easier and funner! I’m also planning to go to Chicago to visit my friend before summer at some point which I’m very excited about. I’ve just had my visa accepted so I’m ready to book my flights which i cant wait to do! Im very tempted to treat myself to flying out there in business class as i never have flown anything other than economy before and considering its just me flying alone i thought why not have a little bit of luxury, a well earned treat to myself for finishing my degree! So, if any of you have flown business class before, is it worth it? Even just the once to experience it? Let me know i’d love to hear your thoughts!


One of my other main goals for 2019 is to stay organised and keep on top of all my commitments without stressing out. Its just a little crucial for me to stay organised throughout my final months of university so i keep on top of everything going on with all my assignments and exams as well as keeping track of everything else going on within my personal life especially since I’ve started applying for graduate jobs! I got myself a brand new diary from WHSmith which I’m just obsessed with!

It’s big enough to write quite a-bit in each day but small enough and not too heavy to carry around with me. I love it and cant wait to put it to good use once I’ve added all my dates into it!


With being so busy due to personal things and the amount of uni work i have as well as trying to write my dissertation blogging will not be my main priority. However i am still going to aim to blog at least once a week and keep up with everything and everyone on twitter. If you follow me on there you’ll soon enough see me stressing over it all but oh well, thats not a surprise i guess.

Anyway, enough of me wittering on! I hope 2019 brings you all, all the happiness and health you deserve and that all your dreams come true. Thank you so much for reading and following my little part of the internet, I cant wait to write more for you! Have a good week!

Han x


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Honestly Han is my own private little corner of the internet where you’ll find me writing about things that I love and that I am passionate about, but also where I will rant, moan and complain about whatever is going on with my life at the time, in the hopes that someone can relate to the crazy thinkings of my brain!

6 thoughts on “New year, New Goals, Same Old Me!

  1. Happy 2019 to you!
    Being more organised, is something else I am looking to do this year. I have my Happy Planner for that. Your diary is beautiful, I love the colour. Well I love any stationery to be honest 😂😂.
    Thank you for sharing x


  2. Happy 2019 to you! Being more organised, is something I am looking to do this year. I have my happy planner for that. Your diary is so lovely, the colour is pretty. I love any stationery to be honest haha. Thank you for sharing


  3. I hope the last few months of uni go fast for you so you can enjoy graduation! Chicago has been on my bucket list for a while now so I’m very jealous your going and I’m with you on the organisation, I’m so unorganised it’s unreal so hopefully I can get into some sort of schedule this year with blogging.

    Samantha |

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